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new studio accesories

13 June 2015
I have some new gear in studio:

  • Neon Wand by KinkLab
  • Mystim E-stim cook cage No 1
  • armbinder
  • bondage mittens
  • three types of nipple clamps
  • whitehead mouth spreader
  • new studio room - room no 4

    3 April 2015
    I opened the room No. 4 - the next room studio, this time with a different design. New furniture, new climate and another 30 m2 more to play. Particularly noteworthy is the cross and electrically adjustable gynecological chair. Photos of the new premises can be found in the gallery.

    new studio accesories

    11 March 2015
    I have some new gear in studio:

  • mask - muzzle
  • 2 small floggers
  • little paddle
  • anal speculum
  • nipple pumps
  • photos of the visit dominatrix dinah

    20 january 2015
    In the end of december 2014 I was visited by very special Guest - Dominatrix Dinah. In the photo section I uploaded some photos from her visit.

    new studio accesories

    5 January 2015
    I have some new gear in studio:

  • lips, tongue metal gag
  • generator E-Stim 2B
  • humbler
  • brest press
  • studio one-year anniversary

    9 December 2014
    Today, it has been a year since I opened my studio ! It was very intense year, when from scratch I build a friendly and safe place for kinky BDSM play.

    The development of my studio is my priority basis. I am very proud that I was able to achieve so fast development by introducing almost every month new furnitures, new equipment and new ideas. I hope in the next year I will introduce twice more as I did this year !

    Soon you can expect a large surprise that will give new opportunities for interesting sessions !
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    new room is here!

    Finally, a long awaited room is ready - 30 sqm and 3,7 m height space. It offers a very uniqe speciality - vertical suspension! You can see how it looks in pictures.

    new recomendation

    I recently begin to cooparate with the StraitJacket Shop. The range of accessories for bondage is wide (e.g. masks, armbinders, strait jackets), and quality is high. I strongly recommend shopping in this store.