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Humiliation has to show you where is your place. With degradation the goal, which I always achieve, is to reduce you to the role of apathetic, small toy in my hands. I use a variety of methods to worsen your situation, emphasize your defects, that then I can with impunit deride you. Not only verbally, but above all by forcing you to do humiliating acts, I will show you how little you mean to me.

Below you can find my ways to do this, to make you feel nothing.

  • Verbal humiliation: humiliate you by e.g. deriding, insulting or many times repeating the same command, so treating you like an idiot.
  • Degradation: humiliation and showing you where your place, by using actions such as spitting, faceslapping, pushing, poking and pulling your hair.
  • Objectification: dehumanise you, treating you as an object, limited to the issue of short commands without starting a discussion with you, giving you a number and sign parts of your body with irreverent sentences (soft branding).
  • Forced activity: forcing you to degrading activities such as masturbating in front of my eyes or forcing your orgasms.

if you want to experience something unique


warsaw is closer than you think!

Warsaw airport is well connected to almost 90 cities by national and inexpensive airlines.

new room is here!

Finally, a long awaited room is ready - 30 sqm and 3,7 m height space. It offers a very uniqe speciality - vertical suspension! You can see how it looks in pictures.

new recomendation

I recently begin to cooparate with the StraitJacket Shop. The range of accessories for bondage is wide (e.g. masks, armbinders, strait jackets), and quality is high. I strongly recommend shopping in this store.