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I think, that if you are in a new country, you have to try local cuisine and classic meals. Below I present my list of recommended restaurants, which specialize in Polish cuisine with meals, that I think, you should try.

1. Restaurant Dom Polski - ul. Francuska 11 or ul. Belwederska 18a:
  • Beef sirloin Tartar seasoned to your taste
  • Refined clear soup with home-made noodles
  • Cottage duck roasted with apples, served on plum sauce
  • Catfish in rushes of spinach in green pepper sauce
  • Crispy tart with seasonal fruit

2. Restaurant Polska Rozana - ul. Chocimska 7:
  • Pickled herrings under creamy quilt
  • Veal kidneys in clarified butter
  • Traditional Silesian leaven soup with sausage and boletes
  • Loin od milk-fed veal with a garland of young carrots
  • Aromatic sour apple pie with vanilla souce

3. Specjały Regionalne - ul. Nowy Świat 44:
  • Grilled redykolka cheese (small oscypek) with cranberry
  • Cleer beetroot soup
  • Roast pork knuckle in dark beer with horseradisch, mustard, potatoes
  • Homemade bigos with meat and mushrooms
  • Kołocz from Śląsk with apple or cheese

4. Restaurant Stary Dom ul. Puławska 104/106
  • Baked bell pepper stuffed with goats cheese
  • Traditional tripe soup
  • Classical home made stuffed cabbage golabki in a tomato sauce
  • Roast wild boar served in a juniper berry sauce and sliwowica
  • Fudge mazurek

5. Zapiecek - ul. Świętojańska 13 or ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 55 or Al. Jerozolimskie 28 or Nowy Świat 64 or ul. Freta 1
  • polish pierogi with meat
  • polish pierogi with cabbage fermented in brine and mushrooms
  • polish pierogi ruskie
  • polish pierogi with cheese
  • polish pierogi with blueberries

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