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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. Read everything carefully and with understanding. This will tell you more about the practices and sessions, and I will avoid talking about something that has already been explained. You obviously can have a problem and not be sure about something - then discuss it and I will try to clarify you certain issues. There is no discussion why is it so, and not otherwise.

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warsaw is closer than you think!

Warsaw airport is well connected to almost 90 cities by national and inexpensive airlines.

new room is here!

Finally, a long awaited room is ready - 30 sqm and 3,7 m height space. It offers a very uniqe speciality - vertical suspension! You can see how it looks in pictures.

new recomendation

I recently begin to cooparate with the StraitJacket Shop. The range of accessories for bondage is wide (e.g. masks, armbinders, strait jackets), and quality is high. I strongly recommend shopping in this store.