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The most common problem is which session to choose: for beginners or maybe regular? Below I describe the main differences between these types of meetings.

1. Target group
The major difference is that to sessions for beginners is for people, who actually don't have experience in BDSM, who never had contact with it in the real world. Regular sessions are for people who have some minimum experience. I'm aware, that not every meeting in a climate of BDSM was successful, but if somebody knows even little about climate, accessories and a BDSM practices, during session for beginners might be bored.

The final decision, however, I leave for you. If you think, that the session for beginners will help you systematize your knowledge, you can book this kind of session.

2. Goal of the session
The session for beginners is for learning something about yourself, your body, but above all to find the answer to the question of whether BDSM at all turns you, and if yes, what gives you the greatest pleasure. This time, above all, is for teaching, learning and testing in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. In contrast, regular session is already for self-conscious people and knowing their preferences. During regular session we realize the BDSM practices and fantasies, not always in a nice atmosphere, sometimes with humiliation, sometimes with role play, without being able to discuss and ask questions during the session.

3. Role play
Regular session don't impose restrictions. Therefore, I can implement play different roles. Climate sessions also depends on our arrangements and also on my mood. Atmosphere during sessions for beginners is pre-defined. It has been nice, friendly, comfortable, because in my opinion it is the most conducive to learning and exploring new things.

One note: regular session can take place in a friendly atmosphere, but will not have the educational overtones. Role play "teacher" is not the same as demonstrating practices and discussing accessories during the session for beginners.

4. Lack of experience in some areas
Beginners are, in my opinion, people who are not familiar with the basic BDSM practices. Who never felt on their skin beatings, torture, they weren't immobilized. However, if someone has many experience, and didn't try only one thing, like breath control or electrostimulation, does not qualify him to come to the sessions for beginners. Unknown, a new element can be easily introduced into the regular session, so I don't lose time and energy to explain and show, what someone already knows.

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