Submissives, slaves,
for the last 8 years you have watched regularly the progressive changes and development of the studio. You have witnessed and participated in this intense BDSM adventure that I started in December 2013. It was a time full of new acquaintances, forming many slaves, introducing them to this world, being a mentor, teacher and a strict, disciplining Lady. I managed to create a place appreciated not only in Poland but also abroad. Finally, I came to a situation where the number of submissive people willing to spend time with me far exceeded my capabilities. This motivated me to take the next steps to relieve me, and at the same time will be an absolutely huge step in the development of Warsaw Prison, a project to which I have devoted the most attention and energy for many years. I invite you to read the information about the changes on the website Warsaw Prison 2.0

Thank you for the last few years in my studio and feel free to use the new place when it's ready.

Lady Daria